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So, it might be a little longer for the next installment, because the cancer walk is this weekend, so i will not be home for the better part of the next 5 days, meaning i have tonight after work, and after the meetings tomorrow, before work to work on the next chapter.  but i will be working on it when ever i get a chance the next few days :)

Pride 2A/?

Pairing: Sarah/Cameron
Rating: PG:13, for now
Warnings: None that I can think of
Summary: Sarah remembers
Disclaimer: I don't own the Terminator franchise.

AN: I dedicate this chapter of Pride to Shemp o2stk for the wonderful kick in the pants to post this.

AN2:  I have no beta so all mistakes are mine, and if you see any PLEASE let me know so I can fix them.  Your comments can only help me improve my writing.



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Love has no Pride

Pairing: Sarah/Cameron
Rating: PG:13, for now
Warnings: None that I can think of
Summary: Sarah remembers
Disclaimer: I don't own the Terminator franchise.

Notes: Im new to writing fanfiction, so any and all comments would be very appreceated. 

I was listening to the song “Love has No Pride” and this fic just poped into my head and wala!




Sarah awoke frantic, as she swung her gun widely around the room, realizing she was safe at home. 


Your never safe Sarah, not anymore she berated herself as she settled back down under her covers.


Sarah could feel the quiet of her house surround her, listening in the darkness for the sound she knew would never come past her door again.  Sighing she sank back down into her bed holding her breath and squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to stop the burn of tears that threatened to fall.

It had been two years since they had finally stopped Skynet.  It had been one year since John had left her, gone off to finish his schooling, as far away from Sarah as he could get; and two years since she was forced to say goodbye to her soul.  The memory of that day, and the days prior to it  came flooding back to her, just like they always did, no matter how hard she tried to fight it.




Sarah had awoken that night, just has she had every night that week, with a gentle shake on her shoulder, and soft brown eyes staring down at her. 


“John is ok, everything is ok.”  Cameron hurriedly assured her as she felt Sarah tense and grab for the gun hidden under her pillow


“Then what are you doing in here?”  Sarah asked Cameron, not even bothering to hide the annoyance in her voice.


“You were having a nightmare.”  Cameron answered as if that would explain everything.


“What else is new?”  Sarah asked as she started to re-adjust her blankets so she was no longer tangled in them.


“You were having a nightmare”


Sarah couldn’t help but notice the flicker of emotion behind Cameron’s eyes.  She has been noticing that a lot lately. 


“Cameron, can I ask you something?”  Sarah sits up and turns to fully face the terminator…the girl…Cameron.  She can sense the barest hint of hesitancy in Cameron before she nods her head.


“Why have you been waking me up?  Why start now?”


“You have been sleeping more erratically, less at night and more during the day, and even then you only sleep for minuets at a time.”


“But why?  Why do you keep waking me up, especially after I almost shot you the first night?”  Sarah asked as she laid back down on her bed.


“Shooting me would have only caused minimal damage to my body, you should go back to sleep Sarah.  It is three in the morning and you have only been asleep for 59 minuets.”


“How do you know how long I have been asleep for?” 


Cameron didn’t answer her, it was as if she just stopped.  Stopped moving, breathing, stopped doing anything.  Sarah had to turn her head to see if Cameron was still in the room with her.  Puzzled Sarah rolled over, and leaned closer to Cameron.


“Why do you know how long I have been asleep?”


“you left your door open…when I walked past the last time, you had just fallen asleep.  Your breathing patterns had shifted, changed to a slow and steady rhythm conducive to a normal human sleep cycle.”


She’s cute when she gets nervous like this.  Sarah could feel the blush start to creep up her face.  Oh GOD!  Did I just think Cameron was cute? well how could I not, she’s beautiful, and tough as nails.


It was Sarah’s turn to freeze as that revelation struck her like a ton of bricks.  Sensing Sarah’s distress Cameron turned to leave the bedroom, silently berating herself for allowing the slip that informed Sarah that she listened to her sleep.


Before Sarah could stop herself, or even think that she wanted to know the answer to the question, she blurted, “Do you monitor John when he sleeps too?”


Cameron hesitated in the doorway, needing to see Sarah’s eyes when she answered. 


“No, but I didn’t intentionally start to monitor you when you sleep either.”

“Why did you?”


 “I don’t know.” 


Sarah knew Cameron was lying to her.


“Don’t lie to me Cameron.  Tell me the truth!”


Sarah didn’t miss the brief flash of fear through Cameron’s eye, and the sight of it almost tore her heart apart.


“Because” Cameron hesitated, and turned to face Sarah fully, needing Sarah to see her, all of her. “Even if it is just for a few moments you allow yourself to be completely at peace, and when that happens you are truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.”


And with those last words Cameron turned and left Sarah alone in her room, needing to leave before she saw the look of revulsion she knew was about to cross Sarah’s face.

She just sat in bed for a moment to stunned to move.  Cameron had just called her beautiful. 


Cameron doesn’t know beauty.  She’s just a damn machine.  “That’s not true and you know it Sarah.  Cameron is so much more than a damn machine.”




“Stupid, stupid, stupid” Cameron berated herself as she knocked her head against the brick pillar on the deck.  Why did you do it Cameron.  Sarah was just starting to talk to you like you more than a terminator and you just had to go and mess it all up.


Sarah stood in the doorway and watched as Cameron hit her head softly against the pillar on the deck.  Sarah opened the door to step outside, but before she could say anything, Cameron started talking.


“Im sorry Sarah.  I shouldn’t have said anything.  I didn’t mean any of what I said.”  Cameron rambled out like she was expecting Sarah to just go off and banish her from her sight.


Hearing Cameron take back what she had said hurt Sarah like a physical blow.  Her eyes softened as she took in Cameron’s stiff posture and the frightened look in her eyes.


God she really is amazing.  Sarah could feel her heart melt as she walked towards the girl.  She could feel Cameron getting ready for her verbal outburst, Sarah on the other hand had other plans.  Stepping right into Cameron’s personal space, she smiled and wrapped her arms around the girl.


Please don’t let me be wrong about her feelings for me.  Sarah could feel Cameron start to relax into her embrace.


“Im not”




Sarah couldn’t help but chuckle at Cameron’s obvious confusion to her words, and actions.


“I’m not sorry you said anything.  I’m glad you did.”  The sincerity of her words shocked even herself, but she realized she meant it, every word.


With those last words uttered Sarah leaned into Cameron and placed a soft gentle kiss on Cameron’s mouth.


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Title: 10 song challenge
Author: silver_parpar
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: 10 drabbles of Abby/Ziva and they take place through Ziva's life
Spoilers: Through the first few seasons Ziva is in i believe.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, and not to me.
Author's Note: so this is the first time i'm writting fanfiction so please let me know what you think, i also hope i posted this right, i'm little challenged when it comes to computers.


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